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Fellner v. Holiday World · Apr 25, 11:26 AM

On May 31, 2003, Tamar Fellner, a coaster enthusiast, died while visiting Holiday World, an amusement park in southern Indiana. She was riding The Raven wooden roller coaster. Her family filed a lawsuit, which remains pending at this writing.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am friends with some people at Holiday World and appear in an upcoming Discovery Channel special about the park’s construction of a new wooden roller coaster. I am not the park’s lawyer, nor have I provided the park or anyone else involved with legal advice.

6/2/03 notes posted on the park’s website [PDF]

6/3/03 notes posted on the park’s website [PDF]

Prosecutors’ initial press release [PDF]

Final prosecutors’ report [PDF]

Preliminary inspectors’ report [PDF]

Post-accident state inspection form [PDF]

Complaint in Fellner v. Koch et al. [PDF]

(I don’t have any of the answers posted, because I don’t remember them having anything particularly interesting.)

PTC’s motion to dismiss or transfer [PDF]

Fellners’ “initial response” to Koch’s motion to dismiss [PDF]

Fellners’ reply to Koch’s motion to dismiss/transfer [PDF]

Fellners’ reply to PTC’s motion to dismiss [PDF]

Fellners’ response to supplemental submission by Koch [PDF]

Koch’s reply on venue motion

Fellners’ surreply on venue [PDF]

Order transferring case to the Southern District of Indiana

PTC’s motion to dismiss on choice of law issues—This motion is based on the argument (pretty good one, in my view) that Indiana law will control the outcome of the case, and thus that the complaint should be dismissed for citing to Pennsylvania law on things like punitive damages, the nature of claims available, etc.

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