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Unreliable Conclusions Based on Useless Data · Apr 4, 09:53 AM

I hesitate to even point it out for fear of it seeming to have credibility, but the Amusement Safety website somehow got some press for their purely anecdotal, unverified, epidemiologically useless “ratings” of Six Flags Magic Mountain.

I’ve written about AmusementSafety.org before and what I said there remains true today:

In what could be a case study in how not to evaluate ride safety, or possibly how website operators can call visits to amusement parks (deductible?) “independent safety observations,” I point you to AmusementSafety.org.

The group’s ratings appear to be based solely on the numbers of reports, and – surprise! – a ginormous park in a huge market near the entity’s basement “headquarters” gets a lot of reports. Does that tell us anything useful? No, not even a signal. There’s no attempt to account for confounding factors, no attempt to confirm reports, and, quite simply, nothing resembling scientific rigor.

So I’m posting again in hopes that next time a reporter is tempted to consider them an authority, they’ll do some Googling and resist the temptation.

  1. I am surprised that none of the shady PI law firms out there have recruited these bozos as expert witnesses. It probably just a matter of time though.

    MJ    Apr 12, 12:19 PM    #

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