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Lake County Fair - Electrocution of Greyson Yoe · Apr 25, 12:30 PM

From the abstract of my article (forthcoming 2006 in Capital University Law Review) relating to this case:

In August 2003, an eight-year-old boy was killed at an Ohio county fair because a ride’s electrical system was not grounded. State inspectors had passed the ride the day before, specifically indicating that the ride was properly grounded. In the face of criminal and civil litigation after the boy’s death, the Ohio Department of Agriculture, rather than strengthening the inspection process, removed grounding from the inspection form entirely. This reaction is, I argue, one instance of what may be a broader problem: a defendant who controls the standards by which it is judged, in an age of tight budgets and financial pressures, where government is expected to operate “like a business.” In that scenario, incentives can combine to make the situation post-litigation more dangerous rather than less dangerous.

Pre-fair inspection report

Building Inspector Statement

Dolence electrical inspection report

Statement of Nicholas Rock (who hooked up the ride)

New Ohio inspection reports (I believe these will no longer be in use after the new statute)

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