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Hey, Has the Common Carrier Status Shut Down California Parks Yet? · Apr 29, 04:09 PM

While changing all of the posts over from the old, Turkish-hacker-friendly site to the new one, I noticed that it’d been over a year since my first post about the possibility of California treating amusement rides as common carriers, and over ten months since the California Supreme Court ruled that they are, in fact, common carriers. Obviously, all of the major companies were aware of the litigation well before that.

So first, let’s go back into the time machine to remember the doom and gloom predicted:

β€œIt puts roller coasters out of business.” – John Robinson, California Attractions and Parks Association

Wow! Yikes! Heavens to Besty!

Back to today: Oooops.

Someone forgot to tell Six Flags that roller coasters are out of business. Their Tatsu, opening in a couple of weeks at Six Flags Magic Mountain and announced last November, is $21 million, evidently down the drain.

And of course there hasn’t been a single coaster shut down in that year with the closing attributable to the court’s opinion. Knott’s Berry Farm is doing the ongoing rehab work as usual, Disney reopened Space Mountain last summer and has everything running as usual, and so on.

In other words: No wolf present, despite the cries otherwise. Like I said.

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