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I am no longer teaching law school, nor am I updating this blog. I’ve returned to practice in Austin, Texas.  I will leave the content up for the foreseeable future.

Someday, perhaps reporters will actually do a quick search about the so-called Amusement Safety Organization before quoting it, and realize that it is not a useful source.  Today is evidently not that day. One discussion. Another. The most recent. Purely anecdotal, no evaluation or investigation, no context at all. So, next time you’re tempted, click […]

A couple of updates: First, here’s the complaint from the lawsuit filed by the family of Sgt. James Hackemer against Darien Lake: Darien Lake wrongful death complaint [PDF].  Nothing particularly surprising in it. Second, the This American Life episode about amusement parks will air this weekend, but it sounds like the segment about safety and litigation likely […]

I’m trying to clean up the blog a bit; I’m anticipating some traffic from appearing on This American Life (on the weekend of August 13! listen!) talking about amusement ride safety.  So, a little note about site stuff: This is actually the third platform I’ve used.  (Took me a while to realize that WordPress was […]