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The parties in the litigation over the death of Sgt. James Hackemer (who was thrown from Darien Lake’s Superman ride) participated in a mediation settlement last month; according to a recent court filing, the case did not settle, and settlement discussions and mediation will only start again at the parties’ request.  (WordPress isn’t letting me […]

Someday, perhaps reporters will actually do a quick search about the so-called Amusement Safety Organization before quoting it, and realize that it is not a useful source.  Today is evidently not that day. One discussion. Another. The most recent. Purely anecdotal, no evaluation or investigation, no context at all. So, next time you’re tempted, click […]

On July 8, 2011, Sgt. James Hackemer was killed when he was thrown from Darien Lake’s Superman roller coaster.  If you scroll through the last few months of posts, you’ll see a lot of entries about it.  His family filed suit not long afterwards (download the complaint here).  The suit was removed to federal court, […]

A local paper has a fairly detailed story on it.  The report evidently indicates that the employees were trained on all of the safety requirements (including, one assumes, the requirement that riders have both legs).  There appears to be no explanation as to why he was permitted to ride, given that — or given, as […]

I guess I don’t have to do the FOIA requests I was planning on, as the local TV station has done them and posted the various inspection reports.  At first read, I don’t see anything we didn’t already know in them, but I’ll probably have some down time today between orientation events, so I’ll try […]

Now this is interesting — New York’s Department of Labor, at the urging of Governor Cuomo, will be making public (via website) the department’s inspection and investigation reports.  I’ve found that — in general — states have been receptive to my requests for copies of investigation reports (especially when I cite the state’s FOIA or […]

A couple of updates: First, here’s the complaint from the lawsuit filed by the family of Sgt. James Hackemer against Darien Lake: Darien Lake wrongful death complaint [PDF].  Nothing particularly surprising in it. Second, the This American Life episode about amusement parks will air this weekend, but it sounds like the segment about safety and litigation likely […]

As hinted at earlier, the family of Sgt. James Hackemer has sued the owners and managers of Darien Lake over his death on the Ride of Steel.  His sister had previously said that the family didn’t blame the park, but, not unreasonably, the lawyer says that was said in the emotional aftermath, and before the […]

I’m trying to clean up the blog a bit; I’m anticipating some traffic from appearing on This American Life (on the weekend of August 13! listen!) talking about amusement ride safety.  So, a little note about site stuff: This is actually the third platform I’ve used.  (Took me a while to realize that WordPress was […]

On my way out so I can’t post much, but the AP story gives a good summary.