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On July 8, 2011, Sgt. James Hackemer was killed when he was thrown from Darien Lake’s Superman roller coaster.  If you scroll through the last few months of posts, you’ll see a lot of entries about it.  His family filed suit not long afterwards (download the complaint here).  The suit was removed to federal court, […]

I’ve posted at TortsProf about the recent dismissal (with prejudice) of a claim against SeaWorld by members of the audience who witnessed the tragic death of Dawn Brancheau, a trainer of killer whales.  Read about it here.

As hinted at earlier, the family of Sgt. James Hackemer has sued the owners and managers of Darien Lake over his death on the Ride of Steel.  His sister had previously said that the family didn’t blame the park, but, not unreasonably, the lawyer says that was said in the emotional aftermath, and before the […]

I’m trying to clean up the blog a bit; I’m anticipating some traffic from appearing on This American Life (on the weekend of August 13! listen!) talking about amusement ride safety.  So, a little note about site stuff: This is actually the third platform I’ve used.  (Took me a while to realize that WordPress was […]

On my way out so I can’t post much, but the AP story gives a good summary.

In a prior post, I noted that news coverage of the death of Sgt. James Hackemer suggested that Darien Lake didn’t require riders of Ride of Steel to have two legs.  I received a link to this photograph that appears to indicate otherwise — though, clearly, that rule was not followed here. Update: The local […]

No details yet, but the local press is reporting that a man “came out of” the Ride of Steel (nee Superman: Ride of Steel) coaster at Darien Lake.  That ride is, of course, essentially the same design (though mirrored) as Six Flags New England’s Bizarro (nee Superman: Ride of Steel), out of which a man […]

In an interesting intermediate appellate court decision out of California [PDF], a court ruled that primary assumption of risk doesn’t apply in the context of amusement park rides and that factual issues predominated, such that summary judgment was inappropriate.  The case arose out of a doctor’s visit to Cedar Fair’s Great America ride and the […]

Last Friday, an eleven-year-old girl, Abiah Jones, fell to her death from Morey’s Piers’ Ferris Wheel (the “Great Wheel”); the park reopened the next day, though the wheel has stayed closed.  Initial investigations have revealed no mechanical failures.  The ride doesn’t have restraints as such, similar to the vast majority of Ferris wheels.  Ms. Jones […]

Details are essentially  nonexistent — basically, a rider returned to the station unconscious and couldn’t be resuscitated.  While it was at the same time as an enthusiast event at the park, the victim wasn’t an enthusiast or there for the event.  When things like that have happened in the past, it’s often been due to […]