This section contains links to the various documents I have obtained that may be of interest.  Note: Until I get everything migrated over, some of these links go to pages on the old blog.

Paper: My paper on whether there is a trend in criminal prosecutions in the amusement industry

Austin fair: Sizzler fatality (2005)

Dollywood: Miller v. Dollywood (Blazing Fury)

HersheyPark: HERCO v. Interactive Rides (contract lawsuit)

Holiday World: Fellner v. Koch Development (Raven fatality)

Indiana Beach: Torres v. Indiana Beach (skyride)

Lake County Fair: Skooters (electrocution of Greyson Yoe)

Miami-Dade Fair: Gravitron injuries

Michigan’s Adventure: Chaos collapse

North Carolina State Fair: Strates v. Everybody (RICO)

Rye’s Playland: Cassara v. Playland (Ye Olde Mill)

Rockin’ Raceway: Alexander v. Rockin’ Raceway (Zamperla Hawk fatality)

Shrewsbury Fair: Sizzler Death

Six Flags Fiesta Texas: The Rattler

Six Flags Great Adventure: Kingda Ka

Six Flags New England: Mordarsky v. Six Flags (Superman: Ride of Steel fatality)

Six Flags New England: Scardino v. Six Flags (Superman: Ride of Steel)

Six Flags New England: Six Flags v. Steadfast (Blizzard River insurance coverage)

Six Flags New Orleans: Nerren v. Six Flags (Megazeph)

Six Flags Over St. Louis: Larose v. Six Flags (Screamin’ Eagle)

Miscellaneous: Intamin v. Magnetar

Miscellaneous: WWE v. Martin