Note: I am no longer a law professor; I have returned to practice and live in Austin, Texas. I’m leaving the content up here, at least for now.


childs_bI’m a law professor and Associate Dean for External Affairs at Western New England University School of Law in Springfield, Massachusetts. I teach Torts, Products Liability, and Experts and Scientific Evidence. One of my interests is amusement park and amusement ride safety, for no particular reason except that I like amusement parks a lot and find the legal issues relating to them to be interesting.

I blogged pretty actively about those issues for quite a while; if you click on the “Old site” link (over there to the right), you can see the archives of that. Then the blog backend stopped working and I let that make me stop posting there, and mostly posting on the TortsProf blog. I still post there, but mostly just the roundups. I have recently started posting fairly actively here again and hope to — slowly — migrate the old content here.

I also do a radio show for kids and their grownups. You can visit its site here.